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                  mg游戏:米耀榮教授——Enhancing Mechanical Performance of Composites through Improved Manufacturing
                  mg游戏: 來源: 時間:2019-01-15 點擊:



                    講題:Enhancing Mechanical Performance of Composites through Improved Manufacturing

                  主講人: 米耀榮(教授)


                  地點: 廣州大學(大學城校區)理科南樓204




                  米耀榮院士1946年生於香港,是國際著名材料學家和力學家 ,澳大利亞兩院院士、中國外籍院士、英國皇家院士、歐洲科學院院士,在斷裂與疲勞、先進複合材料、納米材料合成與優化等領域取得了重大成果 。


                  Professor Yiu-Wing Mai received his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in mechanical engineering at the University of Hong Kong, China. He had worked at various times in the US (the University of Michigan and the NIST), the UK (Imperial College) and Hong Kong SAR (CityU, HKU, HKUST and PolyU). He holds a University Chair in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sydney.


                  Prof Mai has made seminal contributions on fracture and fatigue mechanics as well as advanced composites based on polymer, ceramic, metal and cementitious matrices. His research results have impacted on the developments of asbestos-free fibre cements (James Hardie Coy Pty Ltd), superhard machining tools coated with ceramic nanocomposites (HKITC; General Motors, China), testing protocols for essential work of fracture of polymers (ESIS-TC4), and improved composites manufacturing processes, such as pultrusion, thermoforming and stitching/z-pinning (Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composite Structures). Prof Mai was elected to the fellowships of the Royal Society of London, the UK Royal Academy of Engineering, the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences. He was also elected in 2017 a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He won the first research medal in 1981, the Robert L'Hermite Medal for a researcher less than 40 years, awarded by RILEM; and the most recent medal in 2016, the AA Griffith Medal, awarded by the UK Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

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